Gary stretching
Gary practicing yoga
Yoga in Central Park
Meditating in Central Park
Leg stretch in Central Park
Gary doing a headstand in Times Square

Practicing Yoga with Gary

Practicing yoga can energize and strengthen the body and develop concentration and focus. Physical exercise is very healthy for the system, especially physical exercise done consciously, with an intention to promote healing.

Yoga is a form of physical exercise using specific postures to balance, energize & strengthen the body & mind that is a form of meditation in itself. Classes range from soft & gentle "unwind" classes to more active sculpt n' tone, go for the burn, workout extravaganzas, designed to get you fit in no time!

Learn yoga safely, easily, and with confidence! Gary specializes in teaching yoga in a safe and effective manner, even to beginners and using yoga postures to prevent and alleviate physical injury and maintain health

Watch Gary's Yoga Videos:

Gary's yoga video

Where's Gary game video

Intuitive Readings & Energy Balancing:

This is an Intuitive methodology using a pendulum to give different "readings"; for example, to find ways to "balance" the system as a whole, rate the strength of different organs or systems, on a scale of one to ten, to find Mantras for specific ailments, organs or conditions, to focus on and find weaknesses and strengths in the system, or find, for example, Vitamins missing from the diet.

One other use of these Intuitive Pendulum Sessions is what is called "Intuitive Guidance Sessions" where different questions can be asked and "read" in a similar fashion.