Yoga Basics Yoga belly Yoga thigh.



Yoga Basics Yoga belly Yoga thigh like a good fit & firmware Let’s Slimming Yoga well.

          Yoga is good for health, it is one of the calories you burn. Conquer Cellulite And excess solution on the spot if you have any concerns, more frequent training to help you look young children with infinitely useful this would take up yoga and music. But if you have no time to yoga. Let’s see Yoga slimming simple to say that the girls can practice it at home now.

Yoga toned arms

If young people have big arms. To wear sleeveless shirts Line did not dare Began operating a yoga posture to third.


Port Dolphin (Dolphin Pose)


Kneeling, hands on both the front and slowly leaned down to the elbows touch the floor. Then lift your hips and butt up in line with the elbow. This position will assist in the management arm. Biceps muscle trilogy Zeb Zeb’s shoulder and asymmetrical.

Dog face posture (Downward dog).


Starting position Klan Knees and legs spread out wider hips. Arms wide shoulder With the wide spread them apart Then use the mobile push Lift the leg until the knee straight (If you feel too tight leg Can knees bent slightly for comfort).

          When lifting your knees up Stretch the arms forward slightly. And stepped backwards slightly. Tighten the thigh Then push the thigh backwards. Try pressing your heels to the floor. Relax and let the head, neck, back, shoulders heave a deep breath, hold it for at least one minute.
Port timber (Chaturanga)


This move will strengthen the arms and abdominal muscles simultaneously training method is to lie face down, feet close together, the toes up. Then bend your elbow Place both hands flat on the floor, inhale, then gently push both hands lifted. The torso is parallel to floor Hand and foot weight. A moment to exhale Apply to relax Back in the same position

Yoga belly

Belly bias is an issue distract you girls never cease. But we can tighten your stomach look with tight fitting yoga postures gearbox Com suggest the following.

Boat Pose


Started simply by sitting down on the floor to stand straight with your legs straight, inhale the arms stretched forward. Then leaned back and exhaled slowly rigid abdomen and legs off the floor at an angle of about 45 degrees, feet, high above the head.

          Then, raising his arm up, arms straight. Parallel to the floor in line with shoulders. Turn palms facing legs Try to be in stable equilibrium position. To weigh down the bottom Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and then gradually increasing it until the training time is about 1 minute.

          Tip: If you’re just starting a new practice may not have long legs stretched up to a belt or elastic strap to support the foot and use your hands to pull out.

Cobra Posture


A position that allows administrators spine And tighten the abdominal muscles in a way to practice is prone to bend the elbow of the arm and hand placed against the side of the torso, legs close together or to separate out one’s shoulders.

Then stretch your arms up But try to keep elbows slightly bent to lift the torso up openly on the shoulder to the head stretching parallel to the fuselage on the left position, then breathe out – for 3-5 breaths and then return to the prone like. Begin

Half shoulder stand


This position might be a bit difficult. For those who practice yoga have long ago mastered. But I will try not to damage it. How to start training from supine knees up, feet placed on the ground next to the buttocks, arms and exhaled both hanging upside attached to the trunk floor. Lift the hips up and pulled him to the head in position, knees bent. After lifting off the ground Until both knees in front of his face.

Then, using both hands holding the back until perpendicular to the ground. Then scroll down to push them back, knee lift toes pointing at the ceiling. Push your body up until your chin chest with a fixed front upright position for 30 seconds and return to the supine position YOGA MAT BAG.