Weight Loss Yoga Fitness Weight sixth position.


Weight Loss Yoga Fitness Weight sixth position.


Yoga weight loss for women who want to lose weight with exercise. I turned to yoga to lose weight as well as see it. That Shape Weight reduction was absolutely true

           Today, many young people are often faced with the problem of obesity more easily. Because I need to hustle and make a living, but I do not have time to exercise or health care at all. Also in the day, it also has to eat a variety. These are the factors that make them gain weight easily. However, in times when we do not exercise at all. Then do? Do not worry, my girls when we do not have time to go to the gym. Try to do yoga to lose weight to look like. Because yoga is simple and works very well, which will help to reduce fat in the body and also helps stimulate the body to function better. Help muscle strength and flexibility while reducing fatigue in the body as well. The Yoga for weight loss, it is something different. Today gearbox Com has a couple well and tries to do as well …


1. Apply anthurium reduce excess fat arm area.

  •           Start by sitting Lift the right leg over the left leg at the knee bone. A steep ride up the heel on both sides. The hips are spaced evenly on both feet.
  •           Raise your left arm over your head and elbows slightly twisted. The left-handed in the middle of the back. Raise your right arm around to the back Right-hand or left-hand fingers to use as possible.
  •           If not, use a towel to catch. Bend forward and hold in this position for about 30 seconds.
  •           Slowly lower your hand back in a sitting position. Start over again with the switch arm and leg.


2. Twist the torso to reduce excess fat around the waist, abdomen, and thighs.

  •           Starting from the back seat Cross the right leg to left leg Foot to drop right hip
  •           With a stick left arm hug right knee. Breathe deeply
  •           Draw your right arm to the back at the waist and placed exhale.
  •           Twist and pull the waist, facing the rear. Inhale and turned back to starting position.
  •           Do the same with the third, then switch sides.


3. steamer pier reduce excess fat around the hips and arm.

  •           Straight, legs spread out wide as three times that of the shoulder. Legs straight out and turn right foot perpendicular to the body breathe.
  •           Then raise both arms, palms facing up, two sides parallel to the floor, exhale.
  •           Inhale hands to push the index finger above his head, arms stretched tautly and then exhale.
  •           Bend the right knee to set up toes inhale exhale lest legs stretched taut arms straight, pull the belly breathing spasms legs straight. And then return to starting position
  •           This pattern repeated until each side three times.


4. Bridge to reduce excess fat around the abdomen and thigh.

  •            Starting from inhaling lie parallel to the floor.
  •            Bend your knees and legs. Took to their heels Flexed knees pressed to his chest.
  •            When breathing Lift the hips up as possible. You can have dinner at the waist and exhaled breath again.
  •            Tighten the muscles in the thighs and hips, exhale and slowly placed on the ground.


5. Stretch the back Stimulates the excretion

  •           Sit back straight and then stretch the legs flexed to the front foot to the scene and inhale.
  •           Raise both arms overhead, then exhale slowly fell upside down, flexing the muscles around the waist. Then use the index finger, thumb, and toes.
  •           Then slowly bend down, bend elbows slightly and hold for 30 seconds and then straightened up slowly.


6. The port rotation of fat around the abdomen, lower abdomen, waist, hips and thighs tighten.

  •           Lie flat legs spread out a bit. Casual arms out of the cross.
  •           Deep breath, lift both legs up. Toe together The straight, perpendicular to the ground 90 degrees.
  •           Exhale slowly lower both legs by a straight left to live almost to the ground.
  •           At the close of the floor, lift both legs miss to the right. With a deep breath, then raised back to normal again.
  •           Pretending to be above 10 percent and a reduction in both legs to the right by a straight. At the close of the floor, lift both legs and misses left. And breathe deeply to each side 10 times as well.

 Learn Yoga for Weight Loss to girls, do not forget to try out the practice see it. That of course, However, do remember to do it regularly. I remember eating together with my girls, you just have to Slim Fit firmware. And healthy.