Yoga and Energy Healing by Gary Giangola

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Gary Giangola is a yoga teacher and energy healer. He has a background in yoga, meditation, energy healing, and self-defense. He has studied yoga at the Kripalu Center in Massachussetts and with Beryl Bender Birch. He has studied and practiced VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing with the VortexHealing Institute. VortexHealing is a powerful, energetic healing art designed to heal the physical body, transform the roots of emotional consciousness, and awaken the spirit within the human heart. It can be capable of bringing about profound healings on all levels and restoring health and balance to the body and mind.

He currently maintains an energy healing practice, helping clients to transform their lives into higher states of joy and freedom. Gary uses the special healing energy of VortexHealing for his clients, both in-person and long-distance all over the United States and internationally. He teaches yoga, meditation, self-defense and fitness classes in addition to seeing clients for energy healing sessions.

Gary believes that physical exercise, meditation, and energy healing are amazing tools and he wishes to share these with as many people as possible. He specializes in teaching beginner and intermediate level yoga with an emphasis on safety and proper technique and using yoga postures to prevent and alleviate physical injury and maintain health.

Gary's goal is for you to learn yoga safely, easily, and with confidence so you can accomplish all your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals. Healthy eating can be accomplished by purchasing the best grill