3 Yoga for Back Pain


3 Yoga for Back Pain

The work on the table face up. We often aches, neck, shoulders and back, your readers feel like? If yes, then try yoga for back pain Showroom. Because yoga helps loosen muscles today, we have three different yoga postures to help relieve pain behind it. But yoga Remember to warm up before me.

1. Apply snake


  • Lie flat on the floor, feet close back foot flat on the floor. Take the forehead Inverted both hands placed under the shoulders. Vale elbow partisan body
  • Inhale use both hands to push and lift the torso up tight as possible. Turn your head to the side Elbow straight Try to attach the legs and hips as much as possible and hold for 1-3 in the count and then exhale. Relax the body back to the starting position of over five times.

           This move increases the flexibility of the body. And allows the spine to relieve back pain. The management style Kidneys working well It helps in digestion and digestive system better. It also helps reduce abdominal pain before menstruation as well.

2. Tha Cat


  • Stoop, kneel, hold the arm straight.
  • Inhale rear head down, chin up Shia flowers.
  • Exhale backed up into the chest of over five times.

           This position allows the muscles of the back, waist, hips and lengthen the spine.

3. Camel


  • Kneeling torso straight Back foot flat on the floor Separated from each other equal to the distance of the shoulder.
  • Inhale, lift your right arm to swivel right heel caught exhale.
  • Inhale, lift your left arm spin to grip the left heel. Backed up push hips forward. Looked back, exhale and hold this position. Breathing out – 1-10
  • Inhale slowly lower your body down and laid down on the bottom of the heels, exhale, repeat five times.

          The posture is very useful for those who have back aches. While body lean back. Making it flexible, strong legs to relieve knee pain. Management arm, shoulder and neck, as well as activation of the brain chemotherapy, headache, too.